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    given that the human body contains >90% bacteria, with this map of the tree of life it seems pretty clear that mankind is here to serve bacteria.

    So, first the pagans took the Earth from the Christians and moved the Sun to the center of the solar system. Now mankind's position within the animal kingdom finally comes into perspective.
  • I've never looked at it like that, but you may have a point.

    Bacteria were the first forms of life on Earth (probably throughout the universe) and will most likely survived to be the very last life as the planet succumbs to the sun's expansion. WE humans are mere vessels along with the other animals.

    Bacteria - Masters of the Universe.
  • interesting that you chose the word "vessel". It is reminiscent of the christian concept of "vessel of the Lord", "vessel of the bacteria" then takes on a whole new light, or is it the true identity of the "Lord" that comes into focus?
  • From the Living Stream Ministries:

    Now we need to see what the Word says we are. The holy Word tells us clearly that we are vessels. Man is a vessel (Rom. 9:21, 23). Not many Christians have paid adequate attention to the fact that we are vessels of God. Christians talk about men being God’s creatures or men becoming God’s people. Some even go to the highest point by saying that man can be a child of God. But in Romans 9 we are told that man is a vessel of God. A vessel is a container. It is different from a utensil or an instrument. A vessel is not used to do something but to contain something.

    We are not supposed to do something for God. Forget about your doing. We are destined to contain God. We were made to be containers of God. The human concept is that we have to do something for God. Even in Christianity many teachers tell people again and again that they need to do something for God, to work for God. I do not say that this is wrong, but it does not touch God’s central thought. We have to realize that we are vessels unto God. God, strictly speaking, does not need us to do something for Him. God needs some containers. According to Romans 9 God desires that we be vessels unto honor, vessels unto glory, and vessels of mercy to contain Him. Brothers and sisters, you have to realize that you are vessels unto God!

    The age today is the age of recovery. The Lord’s recovery today is to bring back the young generation to His purpose. Mankind, the human race, has continually been falling away from God’s purpose. Now at the end time the Lord is going to bring the human race back to His purpose. God’s purpose with man is to have man as His container.
  • Note to self: Must try to keep my thoughts to myself in future. Though I did stress that we humans aren't the only vessels. After all, in the grand scale of things we are nothing special.
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    I pick you over the living stream ministries, as Bacteria are my god.
  • At least bacteria are manifest.
  • And they are in your destiny
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    We are a DNA strand away from a tree. That's all. We are nothing special.
  • Dee Jay, sorry I didn’t correct you back when you posted your comment. A tree is special. In fact, I agree with Joyce Kilmer who said I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree. So maybe it’s poems that are nothing special?
  • Anyone who tries to compare ME to a tree will be heading for a fall.
  • I think your bark is worse than your bite. Uh oh it’s starting again....
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