God DID create the universe 14 BILLION years ago. And he's done nowt else.

In the beginning . . .

As an adamant atheist I am now going to say something that may shock fellow adamant atheists, for I'm hereby prepared to accept that God DID create the universe.

Am I mad? Have I flipped?

No I haven't.

Let's accept God as the instigator of the creation of the universe and leave it at that. After all, in this scenario it’s only a name or title.

Let's accept that before the birth of the universe, some 14 BILLION years ago, there was nothing but energy, AND God.

And then God decided to put all that free energy to use, waved his hand and uttered the magic words:

"Let there be light!"

And, lo, there was light. A humongous flash of light never before seen and all of that free energy (or most of it) was instantaneously created into matter from which the stars, planets and eventually WE were formed.

And then - HIS part in CREATION done - God rested and natural Evolution took over.

There, is that some positive compromise or what?

Anthony W Allsop (Genesis)


  • Yeah! That's about all that's not known;the only place god can still hide. I just wonder what god was doin in all that eternal time before the big bang.

    Must have been bored. Maybe that why he created everything?

    "I've no problem with God, I just don't like a lot of the folks that work for him"--Mark Twain
  • Then we got into a labyrinth, and, when we thought we were at the end,
    came out again at the beginning, having still to see as much as ever. ― Plato
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