What I told Ramesh the Believer

edited January 2017 in General Banter
I asked Ramesh to copy his "reply" wanted musings from the Quotes section to this, the Forum where they belong. I told him in 2 days I will be removing his recent stuff from the 'Quotes" section. Everyone OK with this?


  • I can't find anything by anybody called "Ramesh", or Ramesh the believer", anywhere on this site.
  • I'm with you on this, Enoch. This is the section for debate.
  • Ramesh Raja is the name. His discussions have been removed fro the 'quotes' section. I have preserved one in hopes he will return and give us his thoughts here in the forum where they belong. Here it is:
    "How to understand outer space.According to kelvin there is no temperature below zero degree kelvin. It means according to Einstien’s energy formula no heat means no energy means no temperature means no matter according to Torah{ jewish religious book} nothing. Till now absolute zero degree had not obtained in lab in this world. Torah is exactly right without any error. Like - Reply".

    I will make this the opening post in a new topic. Hopefully Ramesh Raja will return to defend.
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