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I oppose any belief that contradicts experimental evidence as determined by the methods of science. All beliefs not in such contradiction may be considered as faith. Whether faith in a particular belief is beneficial or not is another matter. Alan Lightman


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    Right! People don't think things through. This reminds me of something I heard about Mark Twain responding to a reader who had read a magazine article about him. He stated in the article, that he "had some back pain, but I was better now." She wrote a sympathetic letter to say "he should thank God's grace that his pain was relieved."

    He responded with something like this. I love this::

    Dear Madam,

    Thank you for your kind letter regarding my back pain. But I have a problem with your theological explanation of my back pain relief.

    If as you say I should "thank god for his grace for my pain relief", then why does he withdraw his "good grace" upon the simple act of bending over? Did I commit a sin by bending over that he should withdraw his good grace so abruptly and I should stand up again with such great pain?

    That's why your theological explanation of back pain relief, makes no sense, but thanks for your kindness.

    And if you feel that I hurt your feelings, let me do you a favor and tell you to keep this letter because when I die it'll be worth some money.


    Mark Twain

    It later sold for $5,000
    from: C-SPAN book TV :-)

  • Interesting that a person would believe prayer, an act that did not save the Holocaust victims, might cure a backache.
  • Prayer is a salve for the prayee.
  • Maybe sometimes it's an effective trigger for the old placebo effect
  • I'm allergic to placebo. Brings me out in rash statements.
  • Placebos are better than nothing - if they work
  • This reminds me of the website 'whydoesgodhateamputees". It's clever, and worth a Google. Same premise. Folks believe that God can answer prayers, and give him credit for all sorts of things, from helping them financially to curing cancer, etc., but yet he NEVER answers the prayers of an amputee for their missing limb back. If he's all powerful, surely he could do it if he wanted to. It happens in the world, i.e., some species can regrow tails and such, so it's not unfathomable. Does he just hate these folks, lol?
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