Discrimination of an Atheist

Alright I understand that people have their own beliefs and I, to a point, can respect that. I will walk a hallway peacefully with you or sit in a room where people talk about their religion but it's when I tell you that I don't believe and you sit back as if I shot you in the heart...that's when I draw the line.

Recently, [and yes, I am finishing schooling so...this is where this comes from] I had written a long rant on something that wasn't really meant for people to get all upset over -- and let me tell you that there was no swearing, no singling a certain group of people or anything in what I ranted about --. Being me, I was highly satisfied with myself and left it where it sat until the next day where people got in my face to talk about how I am "such a disappointment" or "a hateful person." Yes, please tell me that I am going to hell and get severely offended when I sigh or walk away while you speak. How will I get afraid of "going to hell" if I don't believe in one? I have gone to my fair share of Catholic churches and I must admit, the Latin language is eerie and beautiful when it echoes through the cathedral but that doesn't mean, as I am sitting in a pew for this funeral, that I am going to get on my knees to whisper to the oxygen molecules floating around my head and start believing that there's some magical being in the sky or that it's in everything I see and touch.

So, going further... These people formed -- and I mean LITERALLY formed -- a hate group [called "Christen Gegen Riley"] and marched around trying to get more and more people to verbally abuse me and throw stuff as I walked by.

Now these people have said in their religious clubs "Love thy neighbor" but this is what they do? Clearly religion hasn't done anything but show them that they can be pretentious bastards and get away with it because "they spread god's word." I walk this planet just like you, an old lady who struggles down two small steps, like your children. I am living and am going to die here just like all of you but why must you take so much of your time trying to bring me, or any other nonbeliever, down? You must have too much time on your hands and I am surely surprised since you "have" to pray to a false being whenever something "so terrible" happens to you. Was it your god that told you protesting is the answer or was it just your stupidity telling you?

That is all I have for now.


  • I find that some Christians aren't ALWAYS Christian in their behaviour.
  • You're preaching to the choir Rile. Hard to understand why being at peace with their own god isn't enough for so many believers. Why do they care so much about anyone's but their own redemption? Is their belief somehow enhanced by their evangelicalism?
  • Don't sweat those clowns Rile. I am 47, and it has been my life experience that in many cases, the folks really into religion not only have less common sense than most folks, but are often the most demented. The folks you mention in that hate group treat you that way out of their own insecurities. When confronted with rational ideas from atheists, they cower on the inside, and lash out on the outside. It is pure mental weakness. Sadly, their mental weakness is what prohibits the possibility of having logical conversations with them. There is a reason that 90% of the scientific community are atheists. The best and brightest among us have examined the issue of religion from all angles, and realize that religion in all forms is foolish, pointless and in many instances harmful. Remember, blasphemy is a victimless crime.
  • Religion is everything to do with mind control. The weaker the mind, the easier it is to control.
  • A favorite quote: If religion were true, its followers would not try to bludgeon their young into an artificial conformity; but would merely insist on their unbending quest for truth...
    - H.P. Lovecraft
  • I like it Enoch. Here is one my favorites, although less serious, and I use it when I need to provide some levity to a situation. "A Christian threating me with Hell, is like a hippie threating to punch me in my aura". - Sorry, I forget the name of the comic who said it.
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