Friends and Life's choices.

My muse of the day: 08-08-2013

Have you ever considered why some otherwise seemingly intelligent people prefer having imaginary friends to having REAL friends or even POSSIBLE real friends? Not only that, these same people seemingly prefer an imaginary PROMISED life after they die to the one they are living now. 

Amazing, isn't it? But it's going on all around us ALL the time. 

Allow me to explain. 

Two people can strike up a friendship and it can begin to blossom, yet as soon as one of them realises that the other doesn't believe in imaginary friends or the imaginary afterlife, that 'friend' then decides to take a hike. 

But surely to [ insert here what you feel might be appropriate ] any half decent REAL friend is far better than an imaginary one. And surely to  [ insert here what you feel might be appropriate ] a REAL life, no matter what, is far, far more worthwhile than an imagined PROMISED one?

It beggars belief. Whether they be Muslim, Orthodox Jew, Methodist, Latter Day Saints, Mormon, Christian or whatever, they all have this in common. 

Ooooh, it sometimes makes me want to spit.


  • One reason that I can't get close to christians friends that i have is that we don't have the same behaviors in common. That is: i won't pray, or go to services with them. So i'm left out of a large part of the devoutly christians life

    And an immaginary friend-being that- would need constant propping up to seem real. But they find their own circle of friends anyway.

    "An atheist is a person with no invisable means of support"--from Atheist Empire
  • Imaginary friend- an interesting concept - I sometimes think here in America the political alliance of the poor christian right with Industry through the construct of the republican party is two groups imagining they are friends. With low income right wingers not understanding that their imaginary friends couldn't give a damn about the concerns of the poor, and all the while it is they, the poor, that provide the quorum to keep the industrialists in power, ensuring that they the poor stay poor.
  • imaginary friend is for people who are afraid to face life (with its ups and downs) alone. They need an imaginary friend who looks out for them when life seems to hard and things fall apart. Well, they find solace in that friend never realizing it was them all these while (no imaginary friend). An imaginary friend is no friend, its self delusion. Someone cooking up his own deciet. There's no difference between imagined and unexistent
  • Unless you believe perception is reality
  • I often wonder about the disconnect with the Republican party and Christians. They share the same convoluted mind-set. They listen to what they are being told, but they turn off their common sense about what is really happening.

    Example: by and large, pro-lifers are Christian Republicans. The very people who preach about abortion being murder and birth control is against God are the very people who: promote the death penalty. They insist those babies MUST be born, yet they want to cut Medicaid (so the babies don't get medical care and the parents can't afford to feed them), and want to cut the Department of Education (to keep them stupid).

    Look at the parallels. I think religion should be classified as a mental illness; it has many of the symptoms that come with schizophrenia.
  • love the unborn hate the living
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