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my very religious parents don't know i'm atheist
how do you think i should tell them


  • Look them in the eye and tell them that's what you are and to respect your belief. If they believe you that's good. If they don't then live your life firm on your belief. They should see that and will come to belive you.
  • Say "Mom, dad, I'm gay." *pause* "I'm not gay-- I'm an atheist." Or if you don't like that one, and you're under 18, say "mom, dad, I got a girl pregnant" *pause* "I didn't get anyone pregnant, I'm an atheist" Hopefully hearing that you're an atheist rather than gay or a teen father will be better news to them, so that when you reveal you're an atheist it will seem relatively less upsetting. However, it could go the other way. You could simply tell them "I believe in one less god than you do."
  • I get the idea.

    Mom. Dad. I have something to tell you. I got the next-door neighbours' 12 year old daughter pregnant but it's OK 'cos I've murdered her and the whole family and fed them through the wood chipper.

    Oh, and by the way I have now come to my senses and abandoned God. Yes, Mom and Dad. I am now atheist.

    What's for dinner?
  • um thanks i guess i think ill go with A Theist

  • Are they making you go to church? If they're not forcing you to go to church or do anything religious, and don't see you doing such, then they may have figured it out already.
    You could just let them bring up the subject--then say yes.
  • the opening question for this thread goes right to two of the big problems with modern day religion - 1.) the religious control the dialogue, and 2.) the reality of childhood indoctrination. The poor cowboy was afraid to discuss his rationale thought process with his parents for Pete's sake.

    brings to mind that wonderful quote from HP Lovecraft I posted a while back:

    If religion were true, its followers would not try to bludgeon their young into an artificial conformity; but would merely insist on their unbending quest for truth...

  • Unlike Science, which is firmly entrenched in questioning, Religion abhors all questioning while insisting on acceptance. Or else!!
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