You cannot disprove god's existence, just like you cannot disprove the existence of dragons. However, considering the facts that most fossils are actually buried too far for us to reach, and the possibilities of other planets housing life forms, the existence of some sort of dragon existing or having once existed, is easily possible.

God on the other hand, created the universe, and the world. Never take into consideration that the earth is microscopic in comparison to the universe. Aside from god taking interest in what would be invisible to his eyes, god also takes interest in a species that has only been around for 250,000 years max, when this speck of dust has been around for well over 4 billion years. How is this possible? God is omnipotent, and because god is omnipotent, he was sitting there while humans were slaughtering each other, ironically, over him.

Creationists have placed god beyond the universe so that he is immeasurable by any scientific means. For this reason I find it much easier to believe in the existence of dragons, than the existence of such a god.


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