In the beginning in an ancient desert encampment, illiterate tribal elders created the Bogeyman. The Bogeyman was in the sandstorm, the earthquake, the tempest, the thunderclap, the volcano, the flood, the failed harvest, the plague of insects and the very blackness of night. The Bogeyman was in the rabid dog, the palsied limb, the tormented mind, the thief, the murderer, the naughty child, the harlot, the woman in menstruation. The Bogeyman was employed to spread fear and awe amongst the less powerful men of the community and to procure the subservience of the women and children. Bizarre and foolish stories of the Bogeyman's greatness and power were handed down. The Bogeyman was angry, vengeful, jealous and demanded that all other sky spirits and idols be destroyed, -or so the elders proclaimed. And so it came to pass. The terrifying deity 'Yahweh was conceived and the greatest and most devastating abomination ever to befall humankind was thenceforth loosed among us. -GOD HAD ARRIVED,


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