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Here's a little story that I wrote:

*Note: I might transfer this to a drawing that I make soon.

*Note: This is the first draft, and I will change it soon.

Title: A Drop of Ice

A young boy stared up at the sun, from the shade of the cave. He looked young and pale, almost like an albino, but not. His short hair was a snowy white, the same color as the frozen powder on the ground. The sun glared at the surface of the earth, the soft ice unwilling to give in and melt.

The young boy had no name. Even as he stared at the sun with his big, blue eyes, he would never know what it felt to have a name. But that never mattered. He never had had a need for a name, nor would he ever.

As he stared at the sun, he only had one thought in mind: What was it like to feel the sun on one's skin? He had never tried before, and the thought had occurred to him only now.

Tentatively, he began to reach out a hand. He stopped right before his hand entered the sunlight. He was frozen, body tense. If he had the ability to breathe before, he would have stopped breathing now.

He closed his eyes and summed up some courage. Opening them, he thrusted his hand forward. A sudden shock caused him to clench his eyes shut and snatch his hand back. He clutched it to his chest, jaw tensing. A few moments later, the pain vanished.

He opened his eyes cautiously, only to find that his hand was completely fine. Turning it over slowly, he examined the surface. He let it fall down to his side as he looked up. The sky was a wash of watercolor blue, no clouds in sight. It's not like there were ever clouds here. You need water droplets for that.

He steadied himself, relishing in the memory. That was the first time he had felt any kind of pain.

And he loved it.

It was new, something different to a frozen world full of ice. His hunger for it grew. He wanted to taste more, to feel it again.

He desired it. Clenching his hand, he balled them into fists. Maybe he would be able to see how far the horizon went. Go to the edge.

He closed his eyes, whole body tensing. He opened his eyes, blue eyes hardened. The ice-blue of his eyes now had a fire in it, a driven force.

He ran.

The sun never set here. He didn't know what the moon looked like, how it was so much easier to look at. But maybe =that was a good thing. He never would have had the sudden determination he does now.

As he ran out into the sunlight, his whole body felt on fire. Pain seared his flesh, nearly making him cripple. But he pushed on, fueled by the one desire to find something. Anything. Just something more.

His eyes were forced to shut, the pain was too great. He didn't know for how long he had ran, or what distance he gone. The world seemed to go on forever.

Eventually, he had to give in. He slowed a little and then collapsed. Using the rest of his energy, he curled up into a ball. He started to feel himself fade. Taking one last pull of strength, he lifted his head. All around him, was solid ice in the shapes of children. Some were curled up, some laying out, some on top of each other. Boys and girls, all dead.

But how can something that' never been alive die?

He laid his head back down regretting his decision. He wished that he could go back. But he couldn't. There was no turning back.

A few moments later, he disappeared. His body froze over, becoming nothing but ice. Because that's all he was.

A drop of ice.


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